MT07 UK Owners Club

Welcome to the official Yamaha MT 07 UK Owners Club. Enjoy everything that we have to offer. We're now over 1500 members strong! Join us for FREE today!

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MT 07 UK Owners Club

The Yamaha MT 07 UK owners club is a Facebook page based club where we exchange tips, tricks, knowledge and general banter. It's an informally run club with no obligations what so ever and the best part is it's completely FREE! If you live in the UK and own a Yamaha MT 07 then why aren’t you a part of us yet? Click this link and send us an approval request! Hope to see you on the Dark Side!! If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch via our Facebook page or email us on We now also stock high quality service parts for the Yamaha MT-07! Go Check out out shoot to find the best deals online for these parts!!
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We do not charge members to be with us; however you can help us pay the bills by shopping at SPORTSBIKESHOP by following our affiliate link bellow. 

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