Yamaha MT 07 Review

So you are thinking of buying a Yamaha MT 07? The first question that always gets asked is; whats it like? Well quite siply put the bike is awesome. Now this review isnt gonna cover any of the boring bits like performance numbers, weight or any other bollocks that really doesnt matter. What im gonna cover is the pure enjoyment, feel and ride. Its by no means a perfect bike! But the value for money you get isn't even questionable.

So currently ive done just shy of 6000 miles on my bike and it hasn't really let me down at all. My biggest issues with the bike were and are these. The standard barakes are just absolute bollocks and were swiftly replaced with some HEL Performance line and Brembo pads. But my biggets gripe with the bike is the susspension! Oh jeez is it just awefull; honestly im not even that fat! (94kg) Every time I brake I bottom out the forks, every time i go hard on power out of a corner it just squats massively. Now i know what you're thinking; that I'm just moaning for the sake of moaning but it really bothers me that Yamaha didnt put better suspension on the bike as standard. The problem can be solved if you have anywere from £600 to £2000 punds to throw at susspension upgrades. I will add this tho; if you're a new rider or dont really push the bike too much then you will never encounter theese issues. I'm a complete bellend when it comes to ridding so I feel theese issues.

So now we've gotten the negative points out of the way; lets talk about how much fun this sucker is to really ride. The simple answer is FUCKING AMAZING!!! But honestly dont just take my clinical word for it. We have over 150 members and every single one will agree to that comment. The bike is just so light and "chuckable" thats its a complete dream to ride. The torque is just eye wateringly awesome and when you ride you just cannot stop smileing like a kid in a candy shop! check out the video reviews bellow off other members and you'll be sold instantly!

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