MT07 - HID headlight installation

HID kit used:

I looked for a while to make sure I had a kit which would work effectively and be suitable for the bike and settled on the above HID kit. It comes with extension cables to ensure you dont need to cut any of the internal wiring or any of the existing loom.

Items needed:

- Allen keys / Tools from under the passenger seat.

- A little common sense

- Not being afraid to take your bike fairing off

I take NO responsibility for any damage or malfunction that may arise should you decide to install one of these on your own bike. This should be used as a mere guide and you should read all instructions which come with the kit.

Step 1

Undo the bolt that attaches the tank cowl strip.

Step 2

Undo the 6 bolts under the tank cowl.

Step 3

Undo the 2 bolts under each side of the rear of the main seat. Remove the seat to expose 2 more bolts which you need to remove. One is at the front of the seat section and the other is shown in the photo just above the rear foot peg holder.

Step 4

Undo the 3 bolts on the side of the cowling. Two at the front and one near the seat. You will also have to remove one of the little push studs which is under the seat section just near to the rear of the cowling. Just where it joins the rear piece.

Step 5

Once all of these bolts are moved and the push stud is removed you can then remove the cowling from the bike.Gently pull the bottom of the cowling out and it will pop out of the rubber fittings. These are just push fit so you cant damage them.The top is fixed by some more secure clips which need to be gently levered up with something which will not damage the paint. You can see one of the two clips in the photo to the left. The other is further towards the front and is just under the lip of the cowling.

Step 6

Once everything is removed your bike will look like this. For my install I removed the other side also which follows the exact same process for the other side of the bike.

Step 7

This is what the right side looks like without the cowling on the bike. You can see the tiny fuel tank and why the range is pretty poor.

Step 8

This is the bulb which I will be installing. You need to take off the front light unit by undoing the two bolts at the top of light unit.

The HID bulb has a magnet in it which activates the high beam and low beam. It is important to get the bulb in the right way to ensure correct operation. The kit comes with instructions on how to install the bulb but it is very easy and is just the same as the existing H4 bulb. This is a plug and play kit so no modification is needed.

Step 9

There are 2 sections to the kit. One is for the wiring to the positive side of the battery and the other is to the slim line ballast unit. I ran the battery power lead just under the tank on the right hand side of bike. This is just a case of threading it through the existing wiring.

Step 10

The wiring to the battery has a relay on it which is placed near the front of the bike.

I placed this unit just behind the brake lines on the right hand side of the bike. There is a nice little space for this in this location and you can make sure it stays in place by placing the wiring behind the metal cable stay here.Once the cowling is back on then this is partially hidden. You can always zip tie it on so that it doesn’t move.

Step 11

On the left hand side of the bike I placed the ballast unit and the voltage regulator. All of the connections are individual and you can’t connect it up incorrectly.

There is a nice little space just under the tank which the ballast can sit in. The kit comes with some zip ties for attaching this and you can see that I zip tied it to the plastic tray to secure it.

Step 12

The attached voltage regulator sits neatly between the frame and the wiring loom. I didn’t use any of the extension wiring for the kit as it was not needed.You will need to attach the ground wire to a good ground which is directly attached to the metal of the frame.

Step 13

I attached the ground wire to this bolt which holds the plastic tray directly to the frame. If you have any problems with the kit not working then it is more than likely due to the ground you have used.

Step 14

Once you have the wiring in place you can connect the wires to each other and test the kit to see that it is working.

You will need to connect the exisitng H4 connector the H4 connector on the kit wiring loom and then connect all the connection at the front. At this stage I still had my headlight unit removed so that I could see if there were any problems.

Once you have connected all the connections you can attach the positive (red) wire to your battery. Ensure you disconnect the negative (black) wire first as a precaution, and reattach after the positive wire.

Step 15

The light will only work when the bike is running and you should see a satisfying white light when you run the bike. The light will intensify over about five seconds as it gets up to operating temperature.

Step 16

There is a little bit of extra wiring behind the light unit to conceal but just be patient and ensure all the wires are free to move as you turn the handlebars. If everything is working as it should, reinstall the headlight.

Step 17 - onwards

Once you are satisfied that the wiring is all connected and installed without snagging you can start to reinstall the cowling. Follow steps 1 - 6 in reverse order to install the two sides of the cowling and your bike will have a nice new bright white HID light.

The light is a vast improvement over the stock light and is much more effective at lighting the road at night and gives a better light during daylight to be seen with.

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