Should I buy braided lines?

Let's talk braided brake lines!

So you're thinking of buying a set of shiny braided stainless steel lines for your bike; otherwise why on earth would you be reading this!?

I'll start this off very simple. If your answer to this next question is yes then just turn back and stay in your little cave filled of dreams and aspirations! Are you just after coloured/cool looking lines? If that was a yes then honestly sell your bike and go away!

Now I've gotten rid of a few; well most, let's actually get into the meat and potatoes why you should get braided brake lines if at all you should.

Scenario one! You ride your bike every day just into ye old London Town or any other city. constantly sit in traffic and don't really use your bike for anything else apart from the occasional semi slow potter around. You really shouldn't be considering spending your hard earned money on braided lines. Honestly for what you do the standard lines are enough.

Scenario two! You've just passed your bike bike test! Congratulations!!!! Welcome to man hood! This is your first bike bike isn't it? Well didn't kid yourself you've got no fucking clue what braided lines are and what they do! You won't yet notice any difference. How about we concentrate on riding safely and doing them shoulder checks!? Perhaps after a year or 2 once you get some experience under your belt you should be considered some mods but not quite just yet! Throw your money at new safer bike gear or at me if you really don't want it!

Scenario three! You're a prick! Actually that's got nothing to do with braided lines! But if you've stuck with me this far then we might as well get into the actual fact on why you should be getting braided lines and who should be getting them.

If you're like me and like to squeeze every bit of performance out of yourself and your bike and you can actually tell when your brakes are fading then YES my friend you get braided lines. If you want your braking power to pop your eye balls out of your sockets then yet again my dear friend throw money at HEL! Like really right now! Scrunch it up and throw it all the way down to Devon!

So we've established the people who need brake lines now what type....... There's 3 types which will slightly be governed by what sort of a braking you have and by that I mean ABS or non ABS. I personally hate ABS for several reasons but we won't get onto that today. If you have an ABS bike there's only one type of set you can have. If you have a non ABS bike then you have the option of having a full race set up or what's called a "over the mud guard" set up. Let's look closer at these options and the benefits of each style.

Over the mud guard style:

I'm gonna leave my personal feelings out of this (I don't like it) and try to give you a thorough understanding on why you might want this set up. This is where the line goes from the reservoir to calliper A then from calliper A to calliper B. This is ok but you get diminished performance in calliper B. It's only slight but if you push hard enough you can notice it.

Race set up:

This is the preferred setup if you've not got ABS. This goes from reservoir to both calliper A and B. You get even pressure on both callipers.

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