Metzeler M7 RR Review

Having been given the opportunity to test the Metzeler M7RR’s, I couldn’t refuse the offer even if I was 110% satisfied with my Pirelli Rosso 3’s. Right from the start they had allot to live up to in my mind, and to cut a long story short; they really didn’t disappoint, perhaps even impressed.

I find it extremely difficult to trust the front tyre when riding in the rain. Squirms and movement from the rear is not a big deal, but when the front tyre moves my heart jumps and not in a good way. That sensation gives me a sickening feeling. As luck, would have it the rain fell like mad for the first 300 miles I covered on the Metzeler M7RR’s but what did I expect in February. There I was, having to go to work on brand new tyres in what I can best describe as a winter monsoon; preparing to grab a handful of front brake and tip into a wet slippery roundabout. Not a time to be unsure of your tyres that’s for sure. I was pleasantly surprised the amount of feedback and grip I got off them, even in that short little ride. To say I was impressed off the bat would probably be an understatement.

The M7RR is designed to inspire confidence not only in the dry, but also when conditions are less than perfect. It is a sports tyre that can be used every day, rain or shine, hot or cold. Co-developed with some of the best road racers and tested during the likes of the isle of man TT. New compounds, tread pattern, carcass materials and profile build on the legacy of the M5 and its 0º steel belt; which was a much loved tyre by many. The 0º Interact technology uses different tension zones for a more progressive behaviour at all lean angles. Below the 0º belt is a radial carcass constructed from a rigid rayon material that maintains its shape and doesn’t deform under heavy loads. Simply put in normal words, all of this equates to a very stable feeling tyre, no matter what the lean angle.

Wrapped around the carcass is a range of compounds featuring a high silica content. Usually silica enhances the wet grip, with carbon black needed for dry and hot traction. But Metzeler uses a patented mixing process to allow 100% silica in all conditions. I still think they use pixies to achieve this magic. Metzeler claims optimal performance on dry and wet surfaces, as well as a wide range of temperatures. I can attest to this fully as it just seems to have infinite amount of grip, no matter what you throw at it. The M7 RR front sources a single 100% silica compound. Meanwhile, the rear tyre runs dual compounds, with a 45mm centre strip composed of 70% silica sandwiched by 100% silica compound sections. The more durable 70% silica compound, which covers 20% of the surface area, increases mileage. It also heats the tyre more quickly, as it is layered underneath the outer 100% silica compound.

steering effort is very light and the bike tips in easily. The shoulder feels steeper than some other tyres in the category and slightly less linear. This is a positive trait as it delivers quicker side-to-side transitions; however, it takes a little more effort to achieve high lean angles then a more linear tyre. When taken on tight twisting roads this delivers pure joy, combined with the MT-07’s punchy engine. In my option the M7RR’s add to the ‘’fun’’ factor of the bike.

Warm up time is quick, taking just a few minutes or so before I feel confident that the grip level matches the conditions. Cornering grip is excellent and allows me to reach the edge of my comfort level without so much as one hiccup. Traction from the rear tyre is superb, both on the shoulder and when upright. With the masses of torque that the lovely CP2 engine produces going on the power quickly out of bends can be done with confidence. On the brakes the front tyre has plenty of grip and holds with stability while trailing in slow or fast corners.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Metzeler M7RR. It’s an excellent road tyre and I’ll be testing it on track very soon. If you asked me to compare it to the Pirelli Rosso 3; I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the two. I tend to think this is because they’re very much the same tyre, using the same compounds and steel belting system. Metzeler is owned by Pirelli and that shows in the similarities of the tyres. I may be wrong that they’re identical as I’ve only covered 800 miles on the Metzelers compared to 10k miles on the Pirellis. Only more time will tell and you can look out for a long-time review in the future.

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