Metzeler Roadtec 01 Review

I’ve been riding my Yamaha MT-07 for almost 2 years, which is almost the whole time I’ve been riding. In that time, I have started riding quite aggressively, this has lead me to upgrade the suspension. After this I started thinking of going for a more progressive tyre than my previous one. I loved and had two sets of the Michelin pilot road 4. The average mileage I got out of the PR4’s was 6500 miles, and yes I know most people get around ten thousand plus, but hopefully that tells you how I ride. After doing a bit of researching, I decided that the Metzeler Roadtec 01 was worth giving a go. With that in mind this is not a 1 v 1 battle between the Micheline PR4 and the Metzeler Roadtec 01 but the PR4’s are the bench mark. The Roadtec 01’s have been on my bike now for about 3000 miles. These miles include everything from commuting in -4°, the rain, to blasting them up snakes pass chasing down superbikes, to finally wrapping them in tyre warmers and going around Silverstone.

My first impressions of the Metzeler Roadtec 01’s were very good and that’s before I even rode on them; I just love the look of them. But how do they ride? Simple answer: very well. I’ll start with riding as the law tells me too.

The roadtecs seem to handle this style of riding like you’re not even riding the bike. Your everyday ride turns into pure pleasure. The tyres just glide, but that doesn't mean you can't feel what’s going on. The tyres give you great feedback and makes riding causally in the rain feel like a summers afternoon. I have noticed however when pushing harder in the wet they don’t give the same feedback. I’m not saying that the tyres are bad being pushed in the wet. They just feel like you can’t find the limit as easy (I have crashed in the wet before, not on the roadtecs. Touch wood). The pilot roads felt safer, but the roadtecs feel faster. I know that sounds strange but when your pushing they do what you want but you don't feel as much feedback. This leads me to think that there out of this world in the wet, but there’s not much telling you when you get to the limit. in the dry pushing a bit, they warm up very FAST. Not once have I had the tyre slip because it was cold. I can’t say that for the pilot road 4's.

They do however turn a little slower than the pr4’s. The angle of the tyre is a lot more linear over the whole radius of the tyre. This makes the tyre wear evenly. After about 4 thousand miles it still perfectly shaped, not even a slight flat top which is nice. Looking at the tyres currently with this wear pattern and the multi compound structure of the tyre, I believe that the roadtec will last an extra 20% longer than my pilot roads (which are very good lasting tyres). the linearity of the tyre helps with making small adjustments mid turn as you can easily just push the bike a little harder and the tyre turns exactly how you'd expect it too. Not that you ever really need to adjust your line mid turn as it holds the line as if it was a racing tyre. This is one of the first things I noticed; how easy it was to hold a line. This caries into the corner exit, wet or dry it pretty much stays solid and stable.

The only time I’ve ever really had them move, was on a wet Silverstone GP circuit. On the track, they are more than capable of getting you there; starting in the dry and finishing in the wet. Then being able to ride home on them too. On the track, I dropped the psi thanks to advice from Pirelli. I was also told to only have the warmers on for about 10 minutes at a time, after taking the warmers of the temperature was at its maximum. The tyres warmed to the point where the tyres were sweating. Pushing the tyre hard I could get my knee, peg and foot down easily without even getting onto the slick part of the tyre.

overall I love these tyres. The Metzeler roadtec 01’s are brilliant and do everything you could ever want from a tyre, if I had the choice of any other sports touring tyre I would happily spend the little extra on the roadtecs 01's. It also makes me want to try out more Metzler product's.

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